March Meeting Highlights

We had an enjoyable and productive March meeting. In addition to an informative class on an Introduction to HF, presented by Robert/N4RNR, the Club got some exciting news regarding our Repeater Repair Project.

James/KE4GWW informed the Club that Yaesu is currently offering a DR-1X Installation and Upgrade Program, which expires March 31, 2015. This program allows participants in the Yaesu DR-1 Beta Program, for which WARC is a participant, to turn in their DR-1 beta model repeater and purchase a current production model DR-1X repeater for $300. The DR-1X repeater currently sells for $1,699, a cost savings of $1,399. James reminded the Club that we received the DR-1 repeater, plus a Yaesu FTDTR1 handheld transceiver and a FTM-400DR mobile transceiver at no cost to the Club, as part of the Yaesu Beta Program. The upgrade to the DR-1X repeater allows us to retain the HT and mobile transceivers.

Additionally, the Club’s UHF repeater, being well past its intended service life, was scheduled for replacement, as part of the current Club Repeater Repair Project. The Yaseu DR-1X Installation and Upgrade Program will allow us to purchase a second DR-1X repeater at a cost of $500. Our repeater repair project accounted for having to pay full price for a new UHF repeater. Thus, taking advantage of this opportunity will (1) save the Club $1,199, and (2) provide the Club with a common VHF/UHF digital platform for our repeater system.

A motion was introduced, seconded, and unanimously approved to upgrade the Club’s existing Yaesu beta model DR-1 repeater to a current production model DR-1X, for the 145.43 repeater, and purchase a second Yaesu DR-1X repeater for the 444.775 repeater. Furthermore, the acquisition of the two DR-1X repeaters, at a total cost of $800, will be funded by $400 from Club funds and $400 from member donations.

Next Club Meeting is scheduled for April 13th. Hope to see you there!

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