November 2015 Club Meeting Highlights

What a great last business meeting of the year. As always the meeting was informative and well attended.

  • A plaque was presented to W4DHN (our Club call sign) for achieving the Top Alabama Club Score in the 2015 Alabama QSO Party. This achievement speaks highly as to the efficiency of our Club station and our members.
  • Congratulations to those members elected to serve as Club Officers for the 2016 calendar year: President – Robert|N4RNR; Vice-President – Densie|KJ4VDE; Treasurer – Ed|KJ4LTA; and Secretary – Rachel|KM4DSK.

After the formal portion of the Club Meeting, we held a Show and Tell:

  • Don|K1DC brought in one of his cherished WWII era ARC-5 receivers for a demonstration, as well as his 40m QRP transceiver he built from a kit. Austin|KM4DSK was gracious enough to lend a hand by demonstrating his CW proficiency on the QRP transceiver (fed into a dummy load), and picked up bythe ARC-5 receiver. It was fascinating to see one of our youngest hams (10 years old) and a vintage receiver coming together. Thank for sharing Don!
  • John|KK4LST brought in his IRLP Node to share with the Club. John lives in one of those “antenna restricted” condominiums, so the IRLP node helps John communicate with hams all over the world via this amateur radio linking system. Very cool, John.
  • Jim|KC4HW brought in a vacuum variable capacitor he just acquired to get checked out. Although he did not plan to particpate in the Show and Tell, we twisted his arm to share his new acquisition. Many in the Club had never seen one before, so it was a great, unexpected opportunity.
  • Finally, Robert|N4RNR brought in his portable QRP station, which consisted of an MTR2, 3-band transceiver and a matching 3-band end-fed have-wave dipole antenna. The MTR2 is a CW only rig, covering 40m, 30m, and 20m.  With a 9v battery, it is capable of 3w output and 5w with a 12vdc power source. It’s amazing how an entire 3-band amateur radio station can easily fit in your pocket.

Thanks again to all those participating in this year’s Show and Tell.

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