Our Club

In 1986, local hams founded the Wiregrass Amateur Radio Club (WARC), with the purpose of serving and educating the community in the art of Amateur Radio. WARC believes in Community Service. Through emergency preparedness exercises, WARC has become a vital member of the communities public service network. We support the American Red Cross and EMA with communications to emergency shelters and back up communications to state and federal agencies. Members of WARC provide vital emergency communications services in the Wiregrass, and strive to live up to ham radio’s motto: “When all else fails… Amateur Radio works!

In addition to providing communications services for our community, we encourage participation in amateur radio, conduct FCC amateur radio license testing, and provide opportunities for hams to meet and further their interests in the many aspects of amateur radio.

WARC’s membership is made of a diverse bunch of ham radio operators. From aspiring Hams to Technicians to Extra Class, there is a place for everyone. Amongst our members we have our fair share of Contesters, DX Chasers, and Rag Chewers – for Voice, CW, and Digital Ops, If that’s not enough we have a few Satellite Chasers, Builders, Tinkerers, and Experimenters. So, as you can tell, there is always something interesting going on at WARC.

The Club holds its meetings on the second Monday of each month, at the American Red Cross, located at 1004 Montezuma Avenue, in Dothan. Meetings start at 6:30 p.m. Our Monthly Club Meetings are both informative and entertaining. We try to schedule interesting guest speakers, as often as possible, to talk about the latest issues and topics relating to amateur radio. The meetings are open to the public, and all are encouraged to attend.