ARRL Field Day Coming June 24-25

The Wiregrass Amateur Radio Club will once again participate in ARRL Field Day on Saturday and Sunday, June 24-25. The club will be set up at Northside Methodist Academy, located at 2600 Redmond Road in Dothan. We will be set up in rooms 509 and 511, which are are the backside of the school, directly behind the gym. There will be signs showing directions. The club will be operating starting at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 24.

The purpose of ARRL Field Day is to practice portable operations and hone our emergency communications skills. Amateur radio plays a huge role in the community, especially in the event of a natural disaster when normal communications are down for any period of time. Field Day gives us the opportunity to practice set-up and operation of our stations, so we can better respond when the need arises.

If you are a ham radio licensee, regardless if you are a club member or not, we invite you out to participate. Even if you do not have an amateur radio license, we invite you to come out and see what it’s all about. We’ll even let you get on the air if you like!

  • What – ARRL Field Day with the Wiregrass Amateur Radio Club
  • When – Saturday and Sunday, June 24-25, starting at 1:00 on Saturday
  • Where – Northside Methodist Academy, 2600 Redmond Road, Dothan, AL 36303

Hope to see you there!

1 thought on “ARRL Field Day Coming June 24-25

  1. Dawn Nuckolls

    My father, Gordon Mccleery was a avid ham radio operator in Milton, Fl and Monticello Fl for many years. He has passed on and momma is having to sell the house. There are 3 towers we need taken down.Due to my brothers health he isn’t able to do this. Was wondering if we could get some offers on the towers, they are quite tall. My brother name is Rick McCleery He lives in Pace but goes back n forth to get house sold for momma . If yall know of anyone who would be interested please reach out to me and I will give you his number.


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